Janna Davis


Hi! My name is Janna (like banana) and you may (or may not) know me on the Internet as JannaIsGreen. Either way, welcome! I hail from the glorious Mt. Trashmore (an actual pile of trash that was beautified into a small but significant hill) area of Virginia Beach, VA. I now call NYC home (and I still don’t know why people say it smells like trash here..?)  

I was the type of kid that slept in my tutu because I wanted to be a ballerina and only a ballerina. When that didn’t pan out, I thought, well then, “I WANT TO BE ALL THE THINGS!”  I kept waiting for this to change; to receive one "calling" for my life. Now, as a grown lady, I've accepted that it's ok to do more than one thing, and more than that: that it's something to be celebrated! Huzzah! I now embrace my status as a self-proclaimed:

Slash Generation Ninja Princess™ (!)

I act, model, sing, write and (spoiler alert) I now dance again! For a decade-ish, I worked with companies as a spokesmodel, and created United Trade Show Talent™, now 13K+ members strong, wahoo! I am a licensed cosmetologist. (I told you I wanted to be all the things..)  

In my spare time, I enjoy color coordinating my outfits and my ENTIRE LIFE, ordering Seamless with my husband, and making videos with my super fooozy cat #arielissleepy.  


Clients, casting directors and my mom have called me ‘quirky candy,’ ‘ladygirl,’ and ‘confidently other.’ I call myself Janna, but whatevs...
— Me

Credit: Luc Jean-Baptiste



Oh, you wanna work with me...? Yay!