Huzzah! The beautiful humans of Pedestrian Wanderlust, and I just won the film festival award for Best Interface with Camera!



I was thrilled to share my thirty-something secrets with the beauties over at OMGImThirty. You can check out the full interview here:


Benjamin Briones Ballet, Guest Dancers


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Janna is a very well rounded and dynamic dancer. I can always count on her to pick up any style of dance quickly and effortlessly. She is also reliable and a true joy to work with on and off the stage!
— Mike Kirsch, Producer/Director/Choreographer
Janna brings a level of focus and drive to her role that every DP searches for.
— Sam Schmitz, Director of Photography

Janna Davis is, according to Manhattan standards, a professional-level dancer and actress/singer, and as I have seen her in action for several years, the best kind of natural leader: she leads by doing, and doing very well. Janna gets it done! She has been a delight to work with. If she is available, hire her!
— Bruce L. Cohen, Manhattan Clergy, International Director/Producer/Musician

Janna is wonderful to work with and so full of energy. She is fearless, bold, enthusiastic, and incredibly talented. I have worked with her multiple times and it is always a pleasure.
— Rami Shafi, Founder/Director, Pedestrian Wanderlust
Janna is a very talented and diversified performer. I had the pleasure of being her voice teacher and coach. She apparently can do just about everything and have fun at it too!
— Michael McFrederick, Composer/ Musical Director/ Producer/Instructor/Singer

Janna is a ray of light in the studio-committed, respectful, a hard worker and professional. She is wonderful to work with and has a beautiful soul to go with all of her other attributes.
— Ursula Verduzco, Professional Freelance Dancer and Choreographer

Janna Davis is a beautiful, bright and vibrant spirit to work with on a variety of projects. She is always reliable and flexible with her schedule to have it work out! Just a delight to be in our Wella World Studio.
I just wanted provide you with the great feedback I received about Janna Davis. It seems she took the extra time to learn a little about our company, ask the right questions and prepare herself to be part of our team for those days. Our group was extremely impressed with her professionalism, confidence and friendliness. We hope to work with her in the future.

Apcon had the highest number of scans of any of the 88 booths at Interop NY. That was 95% all her great work.